When you see a man with his pants down . . .

What do you do when you see a man with his pants down, his shoulders and torso wedged between the toilet and tub?

You laugh of course.

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Anyone would!

Alice did.

She had heard my shouts from the lst floor bathroom at her 2nd floor workbench.  Came downstairs calling, “Where are you?”

When she’d gotten over the fun, she made some suggestions for getting me up, or out.

The one that worked was to pull my pants off, freeing my legs, so that I could roll over into the tub and use the bars there to stand up.

Why did I stumble backward and fall?  Maybe I was just careless.  Maybe I slipped on the dry bar of soap on the floor–strange it should be there.  Strange also to see a cat toy in the toilet with some kleenex.

I checked.  I did have my Medical Guardian device in my pocket so I could have pressed a button for help had Alice not been home.

A lady we know fell in her living room, broke a bone or two, and struggled to her telephone to call for help, forgetting the Med. Guard. button she was carrying.

I’m haunted by the story of the fat woman who fell in the shower, broke a leg, and sat in the tub for 2 days before someone found her.


2 thoughts on “When you see a man with his pants down . . .

  1. Wow – you were lucky.

    We each have a Medical Guardian device furnished by the community. They are sitting in a box in the entryway so if we were to fall alone in the bathroom …

    • It makes sense for the communirty to provide Medl. Guard. service. I hope you and Linda will rely on it when home alone.

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