Subway Riders Save Life

Chad M. Estep is accused of pushing a man onto tracks. (Chicago Police Department)

Megan Crepeau, Katherine Rosenberg- Douglas, Jeremy Gorner Chicago Tribune 10.11.17

The attack at a Loop CTA station was the stuff of public-transit nightmares: a man waiting on a train platform eyed a nearby stranger, came up behind him and shoved him onto the tracks below.
The assailant tried to block the victim from climbing back onto the platform, but seconds before a train pulled up to the station, he managed to scramble to safety with the help of others.

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Assistant State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti said Estep came up behind Benedict and shoved him onto the tracks with both hands, knocking him perilously close to the electrified third rail.
Estep then tried to block Benedict from getting back onto the platform — and even tried to stop others at the station from assisting Benedict, she said.
Benedict finally climbed to safety just seconds before a train arrived, Antonietti said, while Estep escaped on foot.

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In September, Benedict said he was standing near the edge of the platform when he felt a hard jab to the back and tumbled to the tracks 5 feet below. He said he stopped a foot short of the electrified third rail.
He looked down the tracks but didn’t see a train approaching. He then looked up and saw the man who apparently had pushed him staring at Benedict with a blank look on his face.
“It was like a lion looking at his prey, that’s kinda what it looked like to me,” he said.
Benedict tried to get onto the platform, he said, but the man kept blocking his way, pointing his finger at him. When Benedict yelled for help and people tried to come to his aid, the man tried to keep them away until they were able to form a circle and help Benedict off the tracks.

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