Hi Dad,
This coyote ate some corn at about 7:00 yesterday morning, after checking out the whole yard.  She is beautiful, but it’s scary to have her in the yard.
Love you,



In  Moab,  everyone has their homemade dollies and hand knit sweaters.

With Grandmo Foote:  Paloma, Luisa, Hazel– Beth and Jesse’s kids from Boulder, and Rachel and Michael’s boy River from Richmond (northern) Vermont.

Yes, Grandmo.  Michael and Jesse have always called Alice Mo.


Photo: 50,000 Rubber Ducks in River

Terrence Antonio James/Chicago Tribune

Workers corral and scoop the roughly 50,000 rubber ducks out of the Chicago River on Thursday after the 11th annual Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby. Proceeds for the event — in which supporters “adopt” ducks in the race — benefit Special Olympics Illinois.

– See more at: http://digitaledition.chicagotribune.com/tribune/article_popover.aspx?guid=7e46eb0f-cac7-402c-953a-d4d5f0e4ac83&t=1470399146939#sthash.2lHZOkac.dpuf